Friday, April 15, 2011

28 days left in Honduras..

summary of my medical practicum at san felipe:

wednesday: 4 babies born!
thursday: 2 babies born + i scrubbed in to watch a c-section
friday: 2 babies born, a tubal ligation, and twins born by a c-section!

it has been a productive time, and i have learned so much! i even was able to hand instruments to the doctors or nurses while in the delivery room. today was difficult to say good-bye only after 3 days..but i know living in monte verde for 2 weeks will be a worthwhile experience!

well 28 days left and they will be used well :)
tonight we have dinner & a sleepover at kurt & joann's house. then tomorrow we leave for copan to look at the mayan ruins and go horse back riding. then we continue the road trip to guatemala to look at all they do to celebrate semana santa - holy week. krystal and i will then be dropped off at monte verde, a rural community, to live and complete our medical practicum over 2 weeks! there is a health clinic there that we will be working with, and i'll be sure to update you on that!

take care for the next 3 weeks!

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